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Fiat Electric Car, Smallest Electric Car

Fiat’s latest offering, the Topolino Dolcevita Electric, injects a dose of joy into the world of Electric miniature cars. This charming vehicle sports a rollable Fabric Sunroof and open-air Doors, adding a delightful twist to the traditional Car design. It’s one of the two versions Fiat plans to unveil for the new Topolino line. The second one, simply named the Fiat Topolino, retains the conventional Doors and Roof, perfect for City cruising. However, for those who relish the idea of Riviera coasting, the Fiat Topolino beckons with its open configuration, inviting passengers to savor scenic views and the caress of a summery breeze.

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Remarkably, even a 14-year-old, subject to local regulations, can take the Driver Seat of this quaint electric vehicle. The Dolcevita variant exudes a touch of glamour with its door sills and rope, evoking the image of a movie star stepping out of a luxurious hotel lounge.

Personalization takes center stage with the new Fiat Topolino. The closed version can be adorned with wooden-effect stickers on the doors, while the open version offers roof stickers with stripes resembling a summer tent. Both models come equipped with a rear carriage for convenient luggage storage, a Dolcevita Box inside for personal items, and vintage chrome-effect mirrors that exude the essence of “la dolce vita.”

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Fiat’s move towards full electrification is evident in the Topolino’s design. Drawing from the light Verde Vita palette and its modest size, this electric car caters to younger drivers seeking a user-friendly transportation solution. Its nimble maneuverability makes it equally well-suited for navigating the narrow roads of small seaside villages and the bustling chaos of city centers.

The Fiat Topolino, affectionately known as the 500’s little sister, pays homage to the original 500, fondly referred to as ‘Topolino,’ which translates to ‘pup’ or a baby mouse, owing to its diminutive size. To enhance the driving experience, Fiat offers optional accessories, including a spacious rack bag, USB fan, Bluetooth speaker, thermal water bottle for hot and cold drinks, and two seat covers that double as comfortable beach towels when needed.

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While the new Fiat Topolino boasts two versions, both share consistent characteristics: a single color, Verde Vita, one wheel design, and a unified aesthetic approach for the interior. They offer a top speed of 45 km/h and are powered by a 5.4 kWh battery, delivering up to 75 km of range and a rapid full charge in less than four hours. With a total of 63 liters of interior storage space, including a compartment between the driver and passenger for luggage, the Topolino promises practicality without compromising style.

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