Suzuki eWX Revealed – a Futuristic Wagon R Electric with 230 Km Range

Suzuki eWX, Maruti Wagon R Electric

Suzuki is all set to unveil a range of Electrifying mobility solutions at the Japan Mobility Show 2023, taking place in Tokyo from October 26 to November 5, 2023. Among the highlights are the near production version of the eVX concept, a Compact Commercial BEV Van and the eWX, affectionately known as the mini Wagon EV or we may assume it as the next gen Maruti Wagon R Electric. Suzuki’s eWX concept is making waves with its impressive Driving Range of 230 kms, positioning itself as a delightful and practical mini Wagon.

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Suzuki eWX: Dimensions

The compact eWX’s measure 3395 mm in Length, 1475 mm in Width and 1620 mm in Height. It’s being touted as a unique offering from the Japanese Automaker, blending the essence of fun and practicality, while also aligning with the brand’s commitment to a cleaner future through its EV Design. The emphasis here is on providing a sustainable solution that seamlessly integrates into people’s daily lives.

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Suzuki eWX: Battery & Powertrains

Despite the intriguing promise, Suzuki has remained tight-lipped about the specific details concerning the eWX concept’s Battery and Electric motor options. Suzuki proudly claims that the eWX will offer a driving Range of 230 km on a Single Charge.

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Suzuki eWX: Design

The vehicle sports a silhouette reminiscent of the popular Wagon R, characterized by tall pillars and boxy proportions. It also draws inspiration from the Mini Electric concept with its eye-catching neon accents.

The Front end of the eWX showcases an upright design featuring C-shaped Lighting Units integrated with connected LED Daytime Running Lights. At the center, an illuminated Suzuki logo takes pride of place. Neon highlights continue to adorn the Front Bumper, complete with a distinctive vertical intake and grey inserts at its center, adding a touch of uniqueness. Suzuki has extended the Neon theme to the Window Frame, Wing Mirrors and Alloy Wheels, giving the eWX an electrifying visual appeal. The Rear end follows a similar styling pattern with Red Highlights on the Bumper and a frameless look, thanks to the glass panel.

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Suzuki eWX: Interiors

Inside the cabin, the Neon highlights continue to make a statement, gracing both the Dashboard and the Seats. While it remains to be seen which of these eye-catching features will make it to production, Suzuki’s commitment to blending fun, practicality and sustainability in the eWX concept is certainly worth keeping an eye on.

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